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Supplements and Tips to Improve Memory, Mind Focus and Mental Clarity

How to Improve Mind Focus and Memory

Memory and Focus

Our mind work 24 hours even when we sleep. Out mind is one of magical organ which control our whole body. Mind focus is focusing our attention to something. But after passage of age, our ability to focus things get declined. In memory of mind, our memory is also declined with age due to oxidation and aging effects.
Improve Mental Concentration
Mental Growth

How to Treat Memory and Focus Problem?

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Improve Focus

Some Tips to Increase Mental Focus and Memory

You know that tip of the tongue phenomenon, you want to recall something but you just can't retrieve it. This sort of thing happens more and more frequently as we age certain memory structures degenerate naturally as we age. Lowering levels of certain critical chemicals that are important for normal memory function. The good news is that regular daily activities of a particular type can improve our memories and help us have strong robust memory function deep into our 70s 80s and even into the 90s. Everyone wants to know how do you boost brainpower, how do you keep your mind sharp well. 
Number one, use it for losing you need to challenge your brain daily so take classes learn a foreign language do brain teasers talk about controversial or complex topics read a book and discuss what you read these things will help you lay down new memories and strengthen the connections and brain pathways that are very important for normal brain function the denser and stronger these pathways are the better you'll be able to remember. 
Number two don't forget the brain body workout every time you work out your brain gets extra blood flow this oxygen rich blood helps to preserve the brain studies show that individuals who exercise regularly have less brain shrinkage over time than those who don't the duration of exercise is important as well exercise programs should last at least 30 minutes to get the most benefit with regard to brain function programs that combined strength training with aerobic exercise are most effective. 
Number three veg out I'm talking about increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables and reducing the amount of meat and animal products that you consume the brain requires a proper mixture of nutrients in order to be healthy if you can consume five servings of fruits or vegetables a day you can reduce your risk of stroke this can help to keep your brain strong and your memory sharp. 
Number Four Thank good chemistry your consciousness your emotions and your memory functions all depend on minor fluctuations and brain chemicals you may feel depressed anxious for a host of other emotions that can make life difficult if your brain chemistry's off so if you're feeling anxious or depressed seek medical care you may not only feel better you'll also be able to perform at your mental this. 
Number 5 keep it friendly I'm happy to report the complex relationships like friendships are actually good for brain health studies show that individuals who are socially connected with family or friends clubs civic groups or churches have higher levels of certainty brain chemicals than individuals who are socially isolated the socially isolated individual is much more likely to develop dementia and to have a rapid progression of dementia that a person who is socially engaged so I'm happy to report there are things that we can do to keep our brain strong as we age.

Improvement of Memory

If you're stressed out because you have a bad memory, I'm going to give you ways to improve your memory with these good habits. The first way to improve your memory with a good habit is getting enough sleep. You've heard it said a million times, but it's so true. Without a good night's sleep you're not going to be able to remember the next day. So get at least eight hours of sleep, that six-to-eight-hours window is one of the most crucial areas of sleep. It's the REM sleep, and if you don't get that, you're not going to remember what you learned during the day, and you're not going to be prepared for the next day in terms of your memory. And the next step is to drink plenty of water. A dehydrated brain is a brain that won't be able to focus, so that's why drinking plenty of water is so important. The next one is exercise. A 2014 Harvard Health Letter said that exercise helps the memory in both direct and indirect ways. It helps directly because exercise reduces inflammation -- and that helps your brain -- and it stimulates the growth of new blood cells in the brain. And, indirectly, exercise is going to help your memory because it's going to help you sleep better, and also it's going to help reduce your stress and anxiety. And that's going to really help your memory. Now salt plays an important part of your memory. A lack of salt is actually going to hurt your memory. In the brain, salt is used as a stimulant to encourage the brain to create new memories. So, when salt is restricted, it can actually hurt your short-term memory. Now, not to stress you out, but if you go overboard and have too much salt, that is bad for your memory and has even been linked to Alzheimer's disease. Speaking of stress, that leads to our next habit to improve your memory. Stress is without question the worst enemy to your memory. Think about a time in your life when you were stressed out or you were going through a stressful period in your life, your memory was probably horrible. So to reduce your stress, some people meditate; some people just close their eyes and just exhale and clear their mind and have a quiet time. Sometimes in a week before the World Memory Championship, I would get five massages just to stay relaxed. Stress is the worst enemy to your memory. Moving on, avoid excessive sugar. The hippocampus is a part of your brain that is very sensitive to sugar. The hippocampus plays an important part in learning, memory, and your long-term memory. It even plays a role in Alzheimer's disease and depression. So avoid excessive sugar for a better memory. All right. The next one is a no-brainer, all right? Pun intended. Avoid excessive alcohol. For scientific reasons only, I have taken alcohol and tried to memorize at the same time. I don't have to tell you the results. You know the results. It's going to hurt your memory in the current short-term memory, but it also has very damaging effects in your long-term memory over time. Avoid excessive alcohol. Now with that said, our next point, studies have been shown that small amounts of alcohol and maybe having a glass of wine a day is actually good for your memory. So go have some alcohol in moderation to improve your memory, and you can thank me. Now, this next one is important. How many times have you been introduced to somebody and then six weeks later you meet them and what do you say? Oh, I am so good with faces. I never forget a face. I just can't think of your name. Why? Because you saw the face; you never saw the name. The mind remembers what it sees. So, if you want to start remembering stuff, you have to be able to turn it into a picture and you have to be able to see it. When you hear the number 21, no longer think of the number 21. Think of a deck of cards for the game Blackjack. Whenever you hear the name Steve, no longer think of the name Steve; think of a stove and imagine you were cooking Steve. Whatever you want to remember, turn it into a picture and your brain is going to remember it much more. You remember what you see more than what you just hear. Now this last one is my favorite way to improve your memory: the habit of using the Mind Palace. The Mind Palace is essentially when you memorize a map of a house, you stand in the doorway of the room in your house, and you count 5 pieces of furniture in that room -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You go to the next room and you count 5 pieces of furniture in that room -- 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. You do this in each room of your house until you have 20, 30, 40, or 50 pieces of furniture memorized. Then you take whatever you want to memorize and you imagine it around pieces of furniture in the Mind Palace. If the first word you want to memorize is a washing machine for George Washington, then you imagine a washing machine on your first piece of furniture. If the second word you want to memorize is the second president, Adams, you see a dam -- you turn it into a picture, and you see it on the second piece of furniture in your Mind Palace. The Mind Palace is, without question, my favorite way to improve your memory technique. Click the link right here and you'll get more free training on this Mind Palace method. So click the link here, enter your e-mail address to get more free training on the Mind Palace method, or you can click the link below, down in the description. So go on, guys, get your free training so that you can memorize anything you want the easy way. And step number two is to drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water. 

Try These Exercises

Mild cognitive impairment is sort of that in between condition so all of us become a little bit forgetful as we age but when that forgetfulness goes beyond what we consider aging and yet is not severe enough to constitutes a dementia where it affects your daily function mild cognitive impairment is in between so I'm a little more forgetful than I used to be and perhaps a little more forgetful than I ought to be mild cognitive impairment is really a prevalent condition meaning if you look at people aged 65 and older somewhere between 15 to 20 percent of people will have mild cognitive impairment and that's in relation to say dementia itself like Alzheimer's disease dementia which is probably only 10 to 12 percent in people 65 years and older so this is a very frequent and common condition some lifestyle factors may actually influence the rate at which people progress from mild cognitive impairment to dementia for example aerobic exercise if you get out there walk briskly jog whatever you like to do for say a hundred and fifty minutes a week 30 minutes five times fifty minutes three times that might in fact slow down the rate at which you would progress doesn't mean you're gonna prevent it doesn't mean it's gonna stop Alzheimer's disease in its tracks I wish it would but in fact it doesn't but I think that aerobic exercise is probably a good recommendation right now we need not look at aging as a passive process we can do something about the course of our aging doesn't necessarily mean we're gonna prevent cognitive impairment but we may slow down the rate at which those disorders develop we may be able to push back that window of onset so if I'm destined to become cognitively impaired at age 72 I can exercise and push that.

Supplement for Improving Memory, Mind Focus and Mental Clarity

Tryout this Constant Concentration Product Supplement If you want to use supplementation parallel to exercise and better nutrition.


Mental abilities declines with age, this process can be slow down and cured too just do regular exercise and use better nutrition diet. 
If you have any question then kindly ask in comment I will more than happy to assist you.
Have a good day.


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